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Practical Courses for Pupils


All the german pupils have to take a practical course in any work field during their school days. The practical courses have a duration of 2-3 weeks and should give first-hand insight into the respective work field and into the requirements of daily work life. They should be regarded as a more general help in orientating for the further choice of subjects or work fields and should not be considered as preparation for a certain occupation.

The workgroup of Prof. Dr. Hartmann offers the possibility for practical courses for pupils in physics. If you are interested in physics and want to get more familiar with the job description of a physicist, or if you consider studying physics in Saarbrücken, these practical courses are what you are looking for. Our workgroup offers the possibility for pupils to get familiar with a students's life, explore the university, and, while working on many interesting research projects, gain insight in high-end technology and acquire some new knowledge. If you are interested, please contact our secretary for more information.

Former Pupils
24.10. - 28.10.2005 Sarah Bannweg, Sebastian Daub
23.01. - 03.02.2006 Jonas Straßberger, Dominique Simon Winkler
09.10. - 20.10.2006 Miriam Bertrand
16.10. - 28.10.2006 Jacqueline Arlt
29.01. - 09.02.2007 Maurice Killian, Julian Kunze, Sarah Loos
31.03. - 14.04.2007 Nadine Weimar
02.04. - 05.04.2007 Andreas Leber
04.06. - 18.06.2007 Artur Bosch
25.06. - 05.07.2007 Sebastian Reichert
31.03. - 12.04.2008 Bennet Schröder, Gudrun Eisele
16.06. - 26.06.2008 Kathrin Kiefer, Jenny Diener, Stani Bosch, Marc Roth
13.10. - 25.10.2008 Alexandra Kapeller
23.03. - 03.04.2009 Lea Spiegelhalter
22.06. - 03.07.2009 Laura-Jo Klee, Katharina Distler
29.06. - 09.07.2009 Milena Meister, Paul Sulger, Lukas Schüßler



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